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As a family 6 of us went to this hotel to celebrate my boyfriend's parents 49th wedding anniversary.
I have often hear about these warner breaks and seen the adverts and i have always felt they were for the over 65 age group. While that was true we didn't feel like we were not welcome. If I'm honest I had a great time.
My boyfriend, his brother his girlfriend and I all in our 30s spent the weekend swimming,sing the gym, playing mini golf and clay pigeon shooting.
We all went for a stroll around the beautiful grounds, and went into the museum. Had a lovely warm scone with a cup of coffee.
The girls had a lovely spa treatment and both the girls were great and very professional.
My boyfriend's parents were very well looked after. This venue has good accessibility access which is especially important for my boyfriend's father who is in a wheel chair.
He enjoyed the entertainment which was a live stage show from Darren Day and a movie showing of Rocket man.
The quiz was good fun too.
The food was great and the service was good, however I have one moan. sometimes snacks and drinks were forgotten in the bar area.
However I understand this is a new feature with all the covid restrictions, staff are having to get used to a new way of working.
All covid precautions were well advertised and everyone felt safe.
All in all a lovely 4 day staycation was had by all.
Don't let the Warner adverts put you off from staying, they really are lovely.

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